Earthquake Early Warningsxkcd5달 전
Everyday ExcusesMonkeyUser5달 전
Wardrobexkcd5달 전
QA Best PracticesGeek&Poke5달 전
Eat your veggiesRaphComic5달 전
53 Cardsxkcd5달 전
Percent Milkfatxkcd6달 전
Edge CasesMonkeyUser6달 전
Faculty:Student Ratioxkcd6달 전
Chemistry Nobelxkcd6달 전
How Oldxkcd6달 전
Cell Phone Functionsxkcd6달 전
You Build It, You Run ItGeek&Poke6달 전
Hours Before Departurexkcd6달 전
There Are No Stupid QuestionsGeek&Poke6달 전

Earthquake Early Warnings
xkcd 5달 전

I was fired by the National Weather Service five minutes after they hired me for going into their code base and renaming all the tornado warnings to "tornado spoiler alerts."

Everyday Excuses
MonkeyUser 5달 전

Everyday Excuses

xkcd 5달 전

If you'd just agree to hold your meetings in here, you'd have PLENTY of time to figure things out before the deadline.

QA Best Practices
Geek&Poke 5달 전


Eat your veggies
RaphComic 5달 전

53 Cards
xkcd 5달 전

Well, there's one right here at the bottom, where it says "53."

Percent Milkfat
xkcd 6달 전

"So what's dark energy?" "Cosmologists and the FDA are both trying very hard to find out."

Edge Cases
MonkeyUser 6달 전

Edge Cases

Faculty:Student Ratio
xkcd 6달 전

They managed to briefly hit the top of the rankings when they rejected everyone except one applicant, published 5 billion research papers that just said "Hi," and hired one of their graduates for $50 trillion/year (then fired them after 10 microseconds.)

Chemistry Nobel
xkcd 6달 전

Most chemists thought the lanthanides and actinides could be inserted in the sixth and seventh rows, but no, they're just floating down at the bottom with lots more undiscovered elements all around them.

How Old
xkcd 6달 전

We've met! I remember you when you were thiiiis tall! [*holds a hand an inch above their head*]

Cell Phone Functions
xkcd 6달 전

... tazer ... fire extinguisher ... bird feeder ... toilet paper ...

You Build It, You Run It
Geek&Poke 6달 전


Hours Before Departure
xkcd 6달 전

They could afford to cut it close because they all had Global Entry.

There Are No Stupid Questions
Geek&Poke 6달 전