Thanks a lot for this writeup, as a member of the service team who helped launching this feature, wa
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Use the strlen() function provided by the C standard library string.h header file. char name[7] = "
The 71st airhacks.tv episode is covering: 2020 predictions, missing JPA / JAX-RS features discussio

Introduction to C Strings
Flavio Copes | 4달 전
In C, strings are one special kind of array: a string is an array of char values: char name[7]; I
When I first moved to Silicon Valley ten years ago I had the good fortune of meeting Michael Carter,
C does not provide a built-in way to get the size of an array. You have to do some work up front. I

Playing with CSS Grid
Jonathan Snook | 4달 전
I’ve been working on this site, Fifty, to track a list of restaurants that I’ve been to. Each new re
One awesome web functionality we take for granted is geolocation. Based on geolocation data, we can
Building a simplistic application with Web Components, ES6+ (modules), lit-html and integrating a 3
Mirrored from is common to work with Kubernetes resources from within internal pods. The platform is

Introduction to C Arrays
Flavio Copes | 4달 전
An array is a variable that stores multiple values. Every value in the array, in C, must have the s
To System Test test a JAX-RS service as a blackbox: @Path("/hello") public class HelloResource {

Git Branch Autocompletion
David Walsh | 4달 전
Naming git branches is something most of us have down to a science. My branch naming pattern is usua

Getting systemd unit dependencies
Thomas Stringer | 4달 전
This blog post is mirrored from of the difficult things of any init system is understanding how ever